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Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.11 (2011-Dec-12 11:05):

*) hotspot - fixed https login (broken in v5.9);
*) eoip: swap tunnel id bytes to be compatible with previous versions;
*) eoip,gre: fix setting config

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.10 (2011-Dec-09 11:49):

*) snmp - provide extended interface statistics when availabe;
*) dhcpv6 client - use link-scoped multicast address;
*) dhcp client - renew dhcp lease on ethernet link up event;
*) ipv6 gre tunnel added (/interface gre6) supports ip and ipv6 encapsulation;
*) ip gre tunnel supports ipv6 encapsulation;
*) allow setting bigger trafflow cache;
*) improved RB1200 stability when using ether9,ether10;
*) fixed RB1200 stability issues when using crypto hardware acceleration;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.9 (2011-Nov-29 14:32):

*) ssh - fix mempry leak when client uses public key authentication;
*) ppp - added support for new RADIUS attribute MT-Delegated-IPv6-Pool (#22);
*) ntp client - faster initial synchronization;
*) ppp - added support for dhcpv6 pd;
*) wireless - nv2 improvements for 11n cards;
*) hotspot - fixed login page to better handle big load;
*) wireless - change default rate-selection to advanced;
*) snmp - fix simple queue table;
*) webfig - fixed problem were users wihtout sensitive permission could download
   senstive files (like backups);
*) webfig - fixed problem were table filters did not work allways as expected;
*) metarouter - fixed problem where local routeros instances did not boot;
*) dhcpv6 - client and server moved to respective /ipv6 dhcp- entry;
*) dhcpv6 server - changed how bindings are defined, users should add
    missing static binding information after upgrade;
*) sms - send sms now uses channel from config if it's not specified in the command;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.8 (2011-Nov-01 10:14):

*) snmp - fixed problem where some rows were missed
   in a few tables when walking them;
*) ipv6 - added support for router address assignment from ipv6 pools;
*) routerboard - fix RB400/RB700 bootloader upgrade problem
*) radius - respond to CoA & Disconnect requests with the same ip address
   it was received to;
*) improved webfig look;
*) webfig - do not allow to show secret passwords if user does not have
   sensitive permission;
*) webfig - allow to customize all item names in skins;
*) updated timezone information;
*) lcd - added support for new ax93304 model and nexcom LCDs;
*) ppp - added support for ipv6 pools;
*) ppp - added support for Framed-IPv6-Pool radius attribute;
*) dhcp client - fix high CPU usage when interface is disabled;
*) snmp - trap interface filter, multiple trap targets;
*) dhcp - added server support for IPv6 prefix delegation from /ipv6 pool,
        client support is also added;
*) ipsec - support authorization with raw RSA keys;
*) added ipv6 prefix pools;
*) winbox - now copied item in ordered list is added right after it's original;
*) pcq - fixed possible crash;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.7 (2011-Sep-14 10:54):

*) ovpn client - fixed crash when user name or password together
   were longer than 11 symbols;
*) sstp client - added an option to skip
    server address verification from certificate;
*) fixed problem - router crashed sometimes when using USB modem;
*) userman - show overall totals, show user totals if user has more
   than one entry;
*) lcd - retrieving '/system lcd page' configuration did not work with
    hundreds of interfaces;
*) webfig - added ability to reorder fields in skins;
*) webfig - added ability to add/remove new tabs & separators in skins;
*) webfig - added ability to add any field to special status page;
*) webfig - fixed problem when user sometimes got logged out with message
   "internal server error";
*) webfig - logout didn't log user out from router;
*) webfig - added System/Password for changing user's own password;
*) system reset-configuration - if keep-users is specified ssh user keys are
   preserved as well;
*) ipsec - new exchange mode (main-l2tp) for l2tp tunnel users to allow
    FQDN as a peer ID with preshared key authorization in main mode;
*) ssh - fix possible server crash when connection is interrupted;
*) improved ipv4 forwarding performance on all boards with simple configuration
    by up to 30%;
*) add passthrough setting to change-dscp, change-ttl, change-mss,
    strip-ipv4-options, change-hop-limit mangle targets;
*) ipsec - fixed problem of RB1200 rebooting when large amount of UDP traffic is
   sent through IPsec;
*) sniffer - added more useful packet filtering options, also available as quick
    mode command parameters;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.6 (2011-Aug-02 14:45):

*) ipsec - fix a problem which could silently remove a manual policy
    from the kernel if the peer configuration has 'generate-policy' set to 'yes'
    and if the policy matches with the traffic selector of a SA being removed
    on the responder side, also fix a problem that some generated policies
    may stay in kernel after relevant SA was removed;
*) profiler - correctly show idle task on RB1200;
*) webfig - fix dual nstreme interface setting lists;
*) webfig - fix Wireless Access/Connect List editing;
*) webfig - fix bitrate presentation in simple queues (show 1.5M as 1500k);
*) fixed micro-sd access on RB400 not to stop everything else;
*) sstp - when server certificate verification is enabled for sstp client,
    it will additionally compare IP addresses found in certificate's
    subjectAltName and subject CN to the real address, DNS names are ignored;
*) tftp - optional block counter roll-over support;
*) hotspot - fixed possible crash in case of multiple Radius CoA requests;
*) userman - speedup user deletion with big log size,
    note that first userman startup after this update
    may take few minutes if the log size is in hundreds of MB;
*) mpls - added support for enabling/disabling control word usage for
   BGP based VPLS tunnels (both - Cisco and RFC 4761 based);
*) mpls - added support for auto-discovery of VPLS NLRI encoding method
   for Cisco BGP based VPLS tunnels;
*) winbox - sometimes after disconnecting, winbox could not connect back;
*) gre,ipip tunnels - new dscp parameter (0..63 or inherit);
*) ping - new dscp parameter;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.6:

*) bgp - allow parallel operation of RFC4761 "l2vpn" and
    draft-ietf-l2vpn-signaling "l2vpn-cisco" BGP VPLS variants inside
    single peering session.
*) console - ":resolve" command now returns IPv6 address for domain names
    that have only IPv6 address records;
*) snmp - provide ups alarms for bad or low battery or for ups overload;
*) route - fixed SNMP getnext queries, were failing to find next
    prefix in the OID order;

Co nowego w Mirotik RouterOS 5.5 (2011-Jun-20 14:43):

*) console - resolved problem that appeared in version 5.4. it caused
    'sup-output' command to crash console on systems with many ethernet
    interfaces or very long interface names.
*) serial console - do not automatically send login prompt to attached
   usb modem if no other serial port exists;
*) winbox - fixed scrolling in terminal window;
*) webfig - encrypt whole session even in non https mode;
*) do not show contents of skin files to users without
   'sensitive' permission;

Co nowego w Mikrotik  5.4 (2011-May-27 13:18):

*) webfig - do not try to open many windows
   if first open was blocked by browser;
*) RB4xx ether1 port flapping fixed;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.3 (2011-Apr-29 15:05):

*) snmp - fix table get next with partial row keys;
*) snmp - respond from correct source address when multiple exist;
*) snmp - fix possible interface disappearing when walking ipNetToMediaTable;
*) snmp - fix possible memory leak;
*) ipsec - flush SAs and inform peer when rebooting or shutting down;
*) openvpn - fixed crash;
*) implemented terminal in WebFig;
*) implemented Skin mode in WebFig;
*) added support for more Broadcom Tigon3 based ethernet cards;
*) winbox - fixed byte to KiB, MiB and GiB conversion
  (digit after decimal point could be a bit off);
*) console - align numbers right in tabular print output;
*) fixed RB450G, RB750G switch chip slow ethernet problem;
*) fix vlan disable not taking effect;
*) userman - fix Authorize.Net payment bypass;
*) userman - added profile option to overwrite shared users option
    in user settings when profile is activated;
*) userman - fix db backup if it's size exceeds 2G;
*) wireless - merged ht-extension-channels in to channel-width;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.2 (2011-Apr-21 09:36):

*) fixed webfig;
*) console - fixed problem with supout file generation and export that
    appeared in version 5.1, it was causing console to enter busy loop
    on some boards;
*) ssh client - added source address and remote command options;
*) user manager - added /tool usermanager profile;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.1 (2011-Apr-08 12:55):

*) ipsec - fix SA lifetime display when timezone offset does not equal 0;
*) ipsec - now default DPD interval is 2 min for new configurations;
*) webfig - make bandwidth-test work;
*) fixed problem - wireless package got disabled after upgrading from v4;
*) sstp - fix problems on multicore systems;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.0 (2011-Mar-31 11:33):

*) route - fixed cause of crashes when handling multipath routes;
*) route - fixed limit on maximum active IPv6 route count,
   was causing issues with more than 2000 active routes;
*) ipsec - added command kill-connections under remote-peers;
*) ipsec - fix responder side phase2 negotiation problem
    which prevented more than one Windows7 host to initiate SA;
*) fixed vrrp - interface was invalid after undoing remove;
*) winbox - added more detailed /interface ethernet stats;
*) winbox - added ability to send e-mail;
*) winbox - added missing 'set-metric' parameter
   in 'Routing/Prefix List';
*) wireless - 802.11 dynamic distance fix;
*) fixed problem - packages could not be uninstalled if disk was full;
*) fixed problem - some of the RouterBOARDS did not reboot properly sometimes;
*) fixed problem - VLANs on bridge interface did not work;
*) ssh - client supports public key authentication;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.0rc11 (2011-Mar-04 14:29):

*) led trigger - changed blinking for modem signal and interface monitoring;
*) ppp - added ability to specify data-channel for ppp server interfaces;
*) ipsec - added more Diffie-Hellman groups;
*) console - fixed a memory leak;
*) console - don't recreate default '/system console' entry for the serial
    port if it is removed;
*) netinstall - fixed CD-ROM & usb install;
*) wireless nv2 - fixed RB532 freeze;
*) wireless - fixed station-bridge mode;
*) wireless - added station-bridge support for 802.11 and nstreme;
*) gps - show higher precision coordinates;
*) snmp - added OIDs for kvm and metarouter;
*) usermanager - works again and to make user profile active after signup,
                please recreate relevant user profiles;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.0rc10 (2011-Feb-17 14:06):

*) routing - fixed ipv6 connected routes,
    IPv6 connected routes disappeared after interface restart;
*) routing - fixed high CPU usage when adding BGP ipv6 routes;
*) winbox - fixed opening terminal window to KVM instance;
*) winbox - fixed connect button in wireless scan;
*) winbox - fixed make-binding in hotspot hosts;
*) ipsec - fix possible crash when ipv6 is enabled;
*) snmp - add usb power reset (see updated MIB);

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.0rc9 (2011-Feb-09 13:57):

*) wireless - fixed disconnect problem on long distance
   802.11 40MHz links;
*) wireless nv2 - fixed station mode that broke when station-bridge
   was introduced
*) wireless - more improvements for 11n compatibility;
*) routing - fixed problem with best route selection, sometimes inferior route
    could get selected as the active, problem was introduced in 5.0rc8;
*) kvm - fix guest starting;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 5.0rc8 (2011-Feb-01 14:03):

*) added led trigger - change leds on different events;
*) snmp - restored access to routing tables;
*) snmp - fixed memory leak for OID;
*) ipsec - added ipv6 support;
*) removed broadcast setting from ip address;
*) radv - fixed problem when wrong link local address was used
   to send advertisements on bridge interface;
*) ppp - make IPv6 work again (introduced in v5.0rc7);
*) ppp - fixed problem when user re-authenticated and traffic accounting
   included data from previous session;
*) fixed traffic-flow on x86-smp (could stop sending flows);
*) improved usb modem mode switching;
*) kvm - fixed problem when sometimes virtualization detection fails;
*) routing - route with recursive gateway sometimes was not selected as
    active, if another inferior route with directly reachable gateway
    was present;
*) bgp - removed "interface" property from bgp peer configuration, now
    ipv6 link local remote address must be specified using the
    "address%interface" notation;
*) added extended ethernet statistics (/interface ethernet print stats) for RB800,RB1000,RB1100 and RB7xx with AR7241 or newer cpu;
*) wireless - improved 11n compatibility;
*) wireless nv2 - added support for station-bridge mode;
*) wireless nv2 - added area support;
*) wireless - added ability to set registration-table comment using RADIUS
*) implemented usb power-reset command on RB SXT 5HnD;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc7 (2010-Dec-29 10:39):

*) fixed hotspot;
*) tftp - fixed problem when nobody could
   connect if no ip-address were provided;
*) winbox - fixed mac ping from neighbor list;
*) fixed simple queues on little endian cpus;
*) fixed simple queues without provided dst-address;
*) fixed problem - could not update license for
   old style 7 digit software-id's;
*) fixed winbox - IPv6 route could not be added;
*) ssh - allow bigger packets (fixes some disconnecting problems);
*) added support for RDC R6040 Ethernet controller;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc6 (2010-Dec-23 13:33):

*) ntp server now requires a broadcast address for broadcast mode to work
   it should be specified under broadcast-addresses (X.X.X.255), is not going to work;
*) ssh - fixed showing forwarding settings,
   check your setting after upgrade!
*) allow to specify multiple networks (including IPv6)
   in user's allowed-from list;
*) added support for Safe Mode to WinBox;
*) allow to specify non acceptable groups for RADIUS console logins;
*) handle correctly IPv6 address on bridged or switched interfaces;
*) added IPv6 connection list;
*) added IPV6 support to graphing;
*) added IPv6 support to SNTP client;
*) added IPv6 support to NTP client & server;
*) added IPv6 support to RADIUS client;
*) added IPv6 support to snmp;
*) added IPv6 support to tftp server, also changed logging levels;
*) added IPv6 support to ssh client;
*) added IPv6 support to watchdog;
*) added IPv6 support for /tool e-mail;
*) added IPv6 support to log remote target;
*) added IPv6 support to API;
*) added IPv6 support to winbox;
*) added IPv6 support to ftpd;
*) added IPv6 support to netwatch;
*) added IPv6 support for /queue simple;
*) added IPv6 support for /tool bandwidth-test;
*) added IPv6 support for /tool torch;
*) added IPv6 support for /interface vrrp (version 3);
*) added IP/IPv6 over ipv6 tunnel interface (/interface ipipv6);
*) added Ethernet over IPv6 tunnel interface (/interface eoipv6);
*) snmp - added ipv6AddrTable from IPV6-MIB;
*) wireless nv2 - fixed station-wds mode multicast problem;
*) wireless nv2 - fixed occasional encrypted link stalls;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc5 (2010-Dec-01 07:47):

*) logging - added email-starttls option for email target;
*) pcq - added burst settings, like in "/queue tree" and "/queue simple";
*) pcq - can specify address masks for pcq;
*) pcq - added ipv6 support;
*) wireless - fixed WPA;
*) radius - fixed encryption key decoding for wireless EAP & PPPs;
*) winbox - make keyboard work right away after main window is activated;
*) snmp - fix BER encoding for negative INTEGER values;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc4 (2010-Nov-22 16:58):

*) radius - fixed Disconnect and CoA response signature generation;
*) winbox - make double click work in text fields again;
*) winbox - allow to drag windows outside of main one to the left;
*) winbox - make some settings look more consistent;
*) winbox - allot to specify IPv6 address in routing filter prefix;
*) winbox - make possible to open IPv6 routes without crashing;
*) winbox - improved item reordering in long lists;
*) winbox - improved SNMP configuration support;
*) winbox - added support for KVM configuration;
*) winbox - added support for Traffic Engineering configuration;
*) ovpn - make ovpn client work with OpenVPN v2.1.3;
*) lcd - support Crystalfontz 631,633
    also support for Crystalfontz lcd contrast setting is added;
*) console - fixed missing return value of the ping command when executed
    from a scheduler entry;
*) console - 'ping' command with specified value of 'interface' always forced
    "arp-ping=yes", fixed;
*) routing - fixed problem with 'check-gateway' status update that could get
    triggered when multiple routes with different values of 'target-scope'
    and 'check-gateway' referenced the same gateway IP address;
*) store - allow to use external disks;
*) modem firmware directory can be specified in /port firmware
    Gobi users should change this setting or directory name;
*) ups - support USB UPS on RB4xx as well;
*) snmp - fix BER encoding for some INTEGER based values;
*) snmp - provide proxy stats using SQUID-MIB;
*) snmp - provide ups info using UPS-MIB;
*) snmp - provide external storage information;
*) wireless nv2 - add missing statistics fields;
*) wireless - add per-chain signal strength fields;
*) added hotspot html variable "host-ip";
*) fixed pcq queue type;
*) fixed leds on RB750;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc3 (2010-Oct-29 09:02):

*) wireless nv2 - fix stalls on encrypted 11n links using high rates;
*) wireless nv2 - fix encryption related kernel crash;
*) sstp - fixed memory leak;
*) fixed problem - bad boot/kernel crc was reported on powerpc boards
   when in fact it was good;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc2 (2010-Oct-27 16:20):

*) wireless nv2 - encryption support;
*) tool fetch - support ftp STOR;
*) ospf - fixed crash when working with external LSA that contain
    forwarding addess;
*) ipsec - supports NAT-T drafts;
*) ipsec - added debug logging, to maintain same log verbosity as before with
    'ipsec' topic now use topics 'ipsec,debug,!packet';
*) ipsec - make it work with EoIP, GRE, PPTP and L2TP;
*) support for Atheros AR9271 wireless chip;
*) added support for more Intel 82575/82576 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet cards;
*) added support for idle detection on RB1xx/RB5xx in /tool profile;
*) fixed Wireless manual tx power configuration for 11n rates in WinBox;
*) fixed torch;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0rc1 (2010-Sep-17 13:58):

*) wireless nv2 - add WDS support;
*) added ability to monitor cpu usage by task (/tool profile);
*) added support for RPS (Receive Packet Steering) on multicore systems;
*) added cisco compatible gre tunnels;
*) fix simple queues on multicore (fixes intel 82576 crash/reboot);
*) fixed sstp memory leak;
*) winbox - fixed ability to configure RB1100 switches;
*) ssh - fix possible crashing;
*) snmp - fix GET request processing;
*) ipsec - added ability to specify ID_USER_FQDN peer identity;
*) ipsec - encypt last IKE phase 1 packet when in aggresive mode as initiator;
*) wireless nv2 - added nv2-cell-radius parameter to specify distance
     in km to farthest client on AP;
*) wireless nv2 - fix transmit stall issue for non-11n chips;
*) wireless - fix x86 nstreme multiprocessor hang;
*) made user manager web interface work again;
*) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-2.6.35);

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta6 (2010-Aug-10 13:22):

*) sstp - fixed memory leak;
*) wireless - changed band setting and added channel-width setting
*) wireless - support for 11n rates in 5&10mhz channels
*) wireless nv2 - fixed multiple problems including occasional tx stall;
*) made gps accessible through SNMP;
*) snmp - added GETBULK support, no more table caching - solves problems
            with huge tables, routing tables currently are not available;
*) ssh - fixed public key authentication in case
        when client is not verifying if server will accept the key;
*) fixed problem - MetaROUTER did not work on RB800, RB1000 & RB1100;

*) user manager is not working - will be fixed in next version;
*) intel 82576 (uncommon expensive chip) crash/reboot to be fixed in next release

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta5 (2010-Jul-23 14:50):

*) email - supports multiple CCs
*) fix 5&10MHz channel support for 11n cards;
*) ssh - fix ssh client crash;
*) ssh - password authentication is disabled for users with public keys;
*) ping - fixed ping packet-loss calculation;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta4 (2010-Jun-29 15:48):

*) console - /ping command again returns number of ping responses received,
    didn't work in 5.0beta3;
*) added ability to monitor each cpu core usage;
*) added support for SATA,SCSI & USB CD-ROMs in CD installer;
*) fixed problem - IRQ balancer did not use correct CPU core
   on non auto MSI irqs after reboot;
*) fixed memory leak;
*) route - new property 'vrf-interface' (for static and dhcp routes),
    automatically updates 'routing-mark' of the route to keep it in the same
    VRF as the specified interface;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta3 (2010-Jun-17 13:46):

*) hotspot - drop hotspot specific tcp connections from non-hotspot clients
   already at firewall;
*) lcd - added support for AX89063
*) console - output of '/ping' and '/tool traceroute' commands is more
    in line with the rest of the console commands;
*) api - '/ping' and '/tool traceroute' commands are fully functional;
*) console - added 'server' and 'server-port' arguments to '/resolve' command;
*) lcd - show free/total memory in units of million bytes (MB);
*) lcd - added page that shows system identity;
*) sstp - made it work with Windows 7;
*) sstp server - client reconnects did not work;
*) winbox - implemented proper maximize support for inner windows;
*) fix 5&10MHz channel support for 11n cards;
*) added IRQ balancer;
*) enabled PCI MSI on i386 multicore setups;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta2 (2010-Apr-30 11:24):

*) added wireless distance setting, removed ack-timeout;
*) improved 802.11 operation for outdoor distances;
*) fixed sstp on x86;
*) console - removed 'delay' argument from '/system scheduler add' command;
*) console - remove 'comment=""' values from export;
*) console - updated '/system script job':
    - also show active login sessions here;
    - new read-only property 'type' with values "command", "login"
        or "api-login" for running commands and either kind of login sessions;
    - new optional read-only property 'parent' with id of the job that
        has spawned this one;
*) console - changed "started" property of '/system script job' to use
    local time;
*) console - new property 'type' in '/system script job'
*) console - added '/port remote-access export' command;
*) console - fixed bug that caused "cannot set ..." error when using
    some properties in 'find' commands;
*) show old software id in export file header;
*) api - can supply password to '/system/upgrade/upgrade-package-source/add';
*) api - 'print' command was not showing values of some properties
    such as 'servers' in "/ip/dns";
*) api - fixed api login sessions not dissapearing from '/user active' after
*) '/user active' now lists type of api connections as 'api';
*) added support for hardware watchdog on RB1000 & RB800;
*) added support for ASIX AX88xxx based USB Ethernet Adapters on RB4xx;
*) fixed problem - ipv6 traffic was not bridged if ipv6 package was not enabled;
*) fixed getting interface stats in dude;
*) fixed metarouter stability problem on RB400s & RB750s;
*) fixed metarouter - it didn't work on RB1000 with 2Gb;
*) fixed metarouter - it locked up on RB800;
*) fixed problem - SFQ queues did not work on interfaces (wireless) if none
   of simple or tree queues were added;
*) fixed RB800 temperature;
*) fixed problem - WinBox crashed while opening VAP interface;
*) dhcp server - fixed possible inactive dhcp server in case of many
   dhcp leases with address-pool enabled;
*) dhcp server - show non-printable option 82 agent-circuit-id and
   agent-remote-id values in hexadecimal notation
   (in the same way as client-id is shown);

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 5.0beta1 (2010-Mar-31 09:17):

*) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-;
*) ssh is now completely rewritten (supports connection forwarding, only DSA keys);
*) added support for SSTP protocol (PPP over TLS);
*) added support for multiple Intel Ethernet cards;
*) added support for IPv6 over PPP
   (enabled by default if ipv6 package is installed),
   link-local addresses are assigned, and server can issue IPv6 global prefixes
   to clients per ppp secret or RADIUS reply (Framed-IPv6-Prefix);
*) added proper support for MPLS over PPP (by default it is now disabled);
*) fixed RB800 temperature;
*) silentboot feature updated;
*) WinBox - any file dropped on WinBox will be uploaded to router;
*) multicast - fixed possible crash during PIM startup;
*) report platform name in "/sysrem resource";
*) fixed problem - vlans were not working on RB750 ether1;
*) fixed mac address handling on RB750, some specific arp requests did not work;
*) more than two dns servers allowed in /ip dns;
*) sniffer and torch could process packet from other interfaces;
*) ospf - fixed DR and BDR election;
*) ospf - changed "/routing ospf route" to show type 2 metric instead of
    internal metric for type 2 external routes;
*) added IPv6 support to trafflow (v9 only);
*) rewritten user-manager (formerly known as userman-test);
*) dns cache rotates order of records in reply messages

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.17 (2011-Mar-02 10:53):

*) fixed occasional print command stalling when lots of items;
*) fixed RB1100 ether11,12,13 and RB800 ether3 resetting problem;
*) implemented usb power-reset command on RB SXT 5HnD;
*) wireless-nv2 package now includes the same fixes as RouterOS v5rc11;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.16 (2010-Dec-20 10:21):

*) fixed problem - could not update license for
   old style 7 digit software-id's;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.15 (2010-Dec-13 12:37):

*) upgraded broken RB1000 bootloader which was included with v4.14;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.14 (2010-Dec-10 12:07):

*) radius - fixed Disconnect and CoA response signature generation;
*) radius - do not include NAS-Identifier & NAS-IP-Address in
   Disconnect and CoA responses;
*) added hotspot html variable "host-ip";
*) wireless nv2 - fixed station-wds mode multicast problem;
*) wireless nv2 - fixed occasional encrypted link stalls;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.13 (2010-Nov-01 14:48):

*) added USB power reset feature;
*) added support for nv2 in wireless-nv2 package;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.12 (2010-Oct-25 10:35):

*) added support for RB493G;
Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.11 (2010-Jul-26 10:16):

*) changed "wireless registration table entry count" snmp oid to;
*) fix 5&10MHz channel support for 11n cards;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.10 (2010-May-28 13:59):

*) added support for ethernet switch configuration in WinBox;
*) allow to configure 11n wireless rate tx powers in WinBox;
*) dhcp server - show non-printable option 82 agent-circuit-id and
   agent-remote-id values in hexadecimal notation also in winbox;
*) api - fixed '/ip/route/print', was not showing '.id' values;
*) console - fixed printing of OID values;
*) lcd - added support for AX89063

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.9:

*) fixed problem - some of the bridge ports stayed invalid after reboot;
*) console - added '/port remote-access export' command;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.8:

*) added support for second serial port on RB800/RB1100;
*) fixed problem - WinBox crashed while opening VAP interface;
*) dhcp server - fixed possible inactive dhcp server in case of many
   dhcp leases with address-pool enabled (broken in v4.7);
*) dhcp server - show non-printable option 82 agent-circuit-id and
   agent-remote-id values in hexadecimal notation
   (in the same way as client-id is shown);
*) api - can supply password to '/system/upgrade/upgrade-package-source/add';
*) console - fixed bug that caused "cannot set ..." error when using
    some properties in 'find' commands;
*) api - 'print' command was not showing values of some properties
    such as 'servers' in "/ip/dns";
*) show old software id in export file header;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.7:

*) fixed problem - wireless packet bridging with nstreme enabled
   sometimes was very slow on RB1xx, RB5xx and RB4xx;
*) fixed problem - ipv6 traffic was not bridged if ipv6 package was not enabled;
*) '/user active' now lists type of api connections as 'api' 
*) fixed getting interface stats in dude
*) fixed metarouter stability problem on RB400s & RB750s;
*) fixed metarouter - it didn't work on RB1000 with 2Gb;
*) fixed metarouter - it locked up on RB800;
*) fixed problem - SFQ queues did not work on interfaces (wireless) if none
   of simple or tree queues were added;
*) fixed RB800 temperature;
*) silentboot feature updated;
*) multicast - fixed possible crash during PIM startup;
*) ospf - changed "/routing ospf route" to show type 2 metric instead of
    internal metric for type 2 external routes;
*) report platform name in "/sysrem resource";
*) fixed problem - vlans were not working on RB750 ether1;
*) fixed mac address handling on RB750, some specific arp requests did not work;
*) more than two dns servers allowed in /ip dns;
*) sniffer and torch could process packet from other interfaces;
*) dns cache rotates order of records in reply messages;
*) ospf - fixed DR and BDR election;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.6:

*) only accept dotted decimal notation for IP addresses. Use of numbers
    with leading zero, numbers larger than 255 and non-decimal numbers
    is not accepted (but still can ommit third or second and third numbers,
    if they are zero);
*) email - user must enable tls explicitly
*) remove limit on number of multicast enabled interfaces, maximum was 32;
*) dhcp server - show last-seen time for leases;
*) dhcp server - do not create busy lease if client declines all IP addresses;
*) fixed - when closing winbox terminal window with active serial-terminal
    console command, serial port sometimes was left in acquired state;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.5:

*) ipsec - added blowfish, twofish, and camellia encryption algorithms;
*) fixed static route removing;
*) fixed DHCP client compatibility with some DHCP servers;
*) added static multi-cast route support;
*) fixed temperature monitor on RB800 and RB450G;
*) user manager - payment bug fix - now able to buy
   credits without extend price specified;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.4:

*) snmp - fixed snmp version three;
*) snmp - fixed vlan interface speed;
*) hotspot - fixed radius variables in hotspot html pages;
*) removed support for xen;
*) routing - added support for BFD protocol;
*) fixed problem - MetaROUTER sometimes froze on RB4xx;
*) fixed OSPFv3 on bridge interfaces;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.3:

*) API - fixed possible crash when running concurrent commands;
*) console - fixed logging commands: 'warning', 'error' and 'debug' were
    all using 'info' topic;
*) bgp - added routing-table configuration option for instances;
*) bgp - added 'as-override' and 'passive' configuration options for peers;
*) bgp - added support for Site of Origin extended communities;
*) bgp - fixed some network issues;
*) ospf - fixed problem: when last neighbor on multi-access interface disappeared,
   incorrect RouterLSA was generated on designated router;
*) metarouter - allow to specify metarouter's memory size when importing image;
*) firewall - added 'routing-table' matcher;
*) fixed problem - e1000 driver did not work in virtual machines;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.2:

*) fixed problem - RB450G ethernet did not work if one of the ports was disabled;
*) fixed ethernet of RB433 with switch chip IP175D;
*) fixed route attribute problem;
*) fixed route next-hops falling under multiple connected routes;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.1:

*) fixed problem - RB750 (clocked at 300MHz) Ethernet did not work;
*) fixed problem - routes on some interfaces (like VLAN) were not activated;
*) ppp, gps, sms, serial terminal - allow use of different channels
    on same port across multiple programs simultaneous
*) dhcp server - added support for dynamic address-list entries;
*) hotspot - added support for dynamic address-list entries;
*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address
   (problem introduced in 3.28);

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0:

*) IT87XX hardware monitoring sensor support;
*) kvm allows to choose emulated nic model;
*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address
   (problem introduced in 3.28);
*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address;
*) console - commands like 'monitor', 'torch' and others that periodically
    refresh information sometimes failed to work when started from
    the scheduler;
*) console - scheduled scripts no longer require 'test' policy to run;
*) console - fix issues with scripts that contain lines with trailing spaces;
*) console - add back compatibility with old scripts that use space instead
    of '=' to separate argument name and value;
*) console - following fixes:
    - accept item numbers when prompted by command to specify item;
    - argument names without '=' were matched even when expecting unnamed
        value; this broke code such as:
           :foreach i in=1,2,3 do {}
       here 'i' was matched as argument name "in";
    - 'tab' key did not automatically append '=' after complete argument

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0rc1:

*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.30;
*) port remote-access - added 'log-file' property. If value is a non-empty
    string, then all data that is read from the port is appended to a file
    with that name, regardless of the active remote connection;
*) console - removed '/user' from the output of top level '/export' command,
    still can be exported by '/user export';

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0beta4:

*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.27;
*) user manager - old credits migrated to new profiles;
*) user manager - profile support for radius requests;
*) user manager - style saving bugfix for child customers;
*) user manager - parent router accepts requests containing
    data for user of a child customer;
*) user manager - IP address reset bugfix;
*) user manager - permission field for customers;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0beta3:

*) added support for 802.11n atheros based wireless cards;
*) added ability to run other OSs in MetaROUTERs;
*) console: Lua scripting language.
*) console: added nstreme-dual OIDs;
*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.23;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0beta2:

*) console: added 'without-paging' argument to 'monitor' commands;
*) console: now 'without-paging' and 'interval' arguments in of 'print'
    commands work together. Printing can be stopped by pressing 'q' or
    ctrl-c, any other key triggers printing;
*) incorporated all the bugfixes since v3.22;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 4.0beta1:

*) added support for MetaROUTERs;
*) all test packages are regular ones;
*) console - can mix named and unnamed arguments, can use names for unnamed
  argument values. For example all of the following commands are
  accepted now:
  /ping count=4
  /ping address= count=4
  /ping count=4

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.30:

*) added connection-rate matcher;
*) receiving too large frame (>1540 bytes) does not hang ether1 on RB4xx;
*) fixed ping - value of 'src-address' was ignored since 3.23;
*) api - limited maximum allowed word length to 65536;
*) fixed IPv6 Router Solicitation message handling;
*) special-login - port could remain used by 'special-login' even after
    user logged out. fixed;
*) bonding in active-backup mode and arp link monitoring works when no switch
   between endpoints;
*) routing, routing-test - fixed route redistribution crash;
*) ups - show voltage in .01V units;
*) console - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands have new argument
    'duration' that approximately limits running time of the command;
*) api - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands now return same values
    in '!re' responses as in console (before they didn't return
    anything), '.proplist' is also correctly handled;
*) fixed problem - sometimes netinstall did not show new software id;
*) added support for BGP aggregates from IGP routes;
*) user manager - no backup for deleted logs;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.28:

*) fixed hotspot problem - on multi-processor systems it was not possible
   to set IP address for hotspot client during login - deadlock did happen;
*) fixed hotspot problem - it was possible for hotspot to spike CPU usage
   to 100% and not to accept new logins during that time;
*) added ethernet broadcast support for WakeOnLan tool;
*) api - value of 'comment' property was only returned from 'system' package
*) to see actual values of sensitive configuration parameters (such as
   passwords), user needs to possess policy 'sensitive';
*) avoid problems with western time zones by always advancing clock on
   startup past january 2st 1970, 00:00:00 UTC;
*) added 'run-after-reset' argument to 'reset-configuration' command. It
   allows to specify name of console script file to run after the
   configuration reset reboots the router. When this argument is used any
   other default configuration scripts are ignored.
*) route - fixed a crash;
*) routing-test - fixed OSPF routing table calculation;
*) send keepalives every 30s (was 3 min) on ppp clients - make some 3G connections
   more stable;
*) routing-test - changed BGP network and default-originate behaviour;
*) web proxy - allow to edit error page;
*) console - terminal window size change now does not trigger full terminal
*) mesh protocol - improved loop prevention (becomes incompatible with earlier versions);

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.27:

*) fixed memory leak in DNS;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.26:

*) fixed hotspot problem - deadlock was possible on multi-processor routers;
*) fixed problem - it was possible for RouterBOARD to loose configuration
   after upgrade to RouterOS version 3.25;
*) added MetaROUTER support on RB1000;
*) using pptp and eoip tunnels simultaneously could crash router;
*) api - "comment" property was not accessible, fixed;
*) console, api - fixed handling of decimal fractions in time interval values;
*) bonding interfaces could sometimes disappear after reboot;
*) changed mesh protocol to send routing packets to broadcast address;
*) automaticly add ppp client interface when GPRS/3G modem is plugged in;
*) added simple/advanced mode to ppp client in WinBox;
*) added support for Huawei E1550 UMTS/HSDPA modem;
*) added support for Cricket Wireless A600 modem;
*) added support for yet another Globetrotter HSDPA modem;
*) added support for Sony-Ericson MD300 modem;
*) added support for ZTE MF626 & MF627 modems;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.25:

*) fixed problems with files under MetaROUTERs;
*) made WinBox work better on smaller screens;
*) made WinBox to not bring down BGP & OSPF when BGP window was opened;
*) WinBox menu is better organized, all sub-menus are sorted;
*) fixed WinBox problem - /128 IPv6 addresses could not be entered
   where network address was expected;
*) added l2mtu interface parameter with ability to configure for
   interfaces that support it;
*) RB1xx ether1 did not work properly in switch mode;
*) api - do not accept truncated property names;
*) api - closed sessions were not removed from the '/user active' list;
*) routing, routing-test - fixed a BGP crash;
*) routing-test - deleted routes were sometimes left displayed in Winbox;
*) routing-test - fixed BGP interoperability issue with old Ciscos;
*) routing-test - added remove-private-as BGP peer config option;
*) added few more variables to hotspot html pages:
    bytes-total, bytes-total-nice, packets-total
*) bandwidth-test supports testing over multiple tcp connections (default 20);
*) graphing - HTML page refresh-interval configurable in console;
*) user manager - IP pool added to user batch-add form;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.24 :

*) added ability to run non RouterOS in MetaROUTER;
*) improved address-list and layer7 firewall feature support for smp systems;
*) special-login items can now be disabled;
*) fixed special-login to update used-by property of port;
*) fixed USB UPS monitoring on RB433UAH;
*) console - 'print' command reuses assigned item numbers;
*) fixed issue with Cisco BGP VPLS when used between 2 RouterOS devices;
*) console - 'print' commands have new option 'follow-only' that continuously
    shows changes like the 'follow' option, but does not print all items
    at the beginning;
*) api - 'follow' and 'follow-only' options of 'print' commands now work,
    '.dead' property is reported for deleted items;
*) api - 'listen' command now is alias for 'print' with 'follow-only'
    opriont set;
*) api - several commands running in parallel could produce intermixed
    output, fixed;
*) console and api - fixed problem that caused property values sometimes to
    incorrectly have value '(unknown)', this could happen when running
    several console or api commands at once;
*) fixed BGP VPLS crash when site-id > 15 used somewhere in network;
*) changed BGP AS path number output format to ASPLAIN;
*) console - new scheduler tasks use trimmed effective user permissions as the
    default value of policy, previously default value was "read,write,test";
*) added ttl matcher to ipv4 firewall;
*) improved dns cache not to allow other RRs in statically configured domains;
*) fixed vlan on bonding;
*) fixed bonding modes balance-alb and balance-tlb;
*) added per-connection-classifier matcher to firewall;
*) fixed wireless Hw. Fragmentation Threshold in WinBox;
*) user manager - added option to specify custom Return URL
   for Authorize.Net payments;
*) user manager - write logs to syslog topic manager,account;
*) routing-test - support for per-VRF BGP instance redistribute settings;
*) routing-test - speed up BGP route processing;
*) routing-test - added routing-table configuration to RIP;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.23:

*) fixed installation on fresh disks or VMs;
*) add 802.1ad Service Tag support for VLAN;
*) wireless - fix for RTS/CTS when used together with dynamic ACK timeout;
*) serial ports are now grouped per USB device;
*) added gsm info command to ppp-client;
*) added URL support to fetch tool;
*) added dial-on-demand mode to PPTP & L2TP clients;
*) ssh - now non-interactive console commands can reference variables;
*) fixed TFTP server logging;
*) fixed problem - "/system upgrade" (autoupgrade) did not show proper package
   architecture and was unable to fetch new packages;
*) fixed bug - hotspot 'walled garden ip' rules did not work on some boards
   after reboot;
*) added '/interface print stats' command;
*) improved support for OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol;
*) added OSPF sham links;
*) fixed a bug in set-bgp-prepend-path routing filter;
*) fixed some MPLS TE reoptimize bugs;
*) added MPLS TE bandwidth management features;
*) netwatch - ignore items with interval 0s, this value was causing
    netwatch to fail;
*) routing-test - added new type of gateway argument: ip address together with interface;
*) api - 'disabled' property was not available from api since 3.21, fixed;
*) api - added support for retrieving OID values;
*) api - removed special behaviour of 'find' command under API. Use
    'print' command with queries instead of 'find'. This change fixes
    scripts that are started from API and contain 'find' command.
*) console - removed support for octal numbers, now string of digits with
    a leading zero is interpreted as decimal number;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
    POSIX extended regular expression;
*) console now accepts decimal numbers with k/K M G T P suffixes for
     values of some properties;
*) console - fixed export problems:
    if long line is wrapped just before space charater, the space character
      has to be escaped, otherwise it is lost;
    errors during export generated a comment line that was incorrectly enclosed
      in quotes;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
    POSIX extended regular expression;
*) scheduler - added owner and policy properties; all existing
    scheduler entries will get owner name "*sched" and policy
*) routing-test - allow to specify that route gateway is in the main routing table;
*) added route cache statistics;
*) fixed mesh protocol;
*) graphing - fixed IP address mask display issue for low endian architectures;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.22:

*) added advanced switch features for RB450G;
*) added support for MetaROUTER on RB450G;
*) added support for adding physical interfaces to Metarouters;
*) added set-bgp-prepend-path action to routing filters;
*) added WinBox OSPFv3 support to routing-test package;
*) added WinBox IPv6 routes support to routing-test package;
*) console - added 'hide-sensitive' option to the export command;
*) user manager - fixed customer remove interface bug;
*) fixed Cisco BGP VPLS autodiscovery in mpls-test package;
*) fixed LDP to not disconnect on unknown capabilities of remote
   peer (should help establish LDP session with Junos);
*) fixed ethernet port name reordering on RB493;
*) bonding mode balance-alb now works on RB1xx, RB4xx, RB616, RB600, RB750,
*) added '/interface ethernet print stats' command for RB450G and RB750;
*) fixed CSPF in routing-test to properly interpret link bandwidth;
*) added support for C-motech CNU-680 CDMA 1x EV-DO 450Mhz USB Modem;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.21:

*) backported MetaROUTER support for RB4xx from v4;
*) added WinBox MPLS & VPLS support mpls-test package;
*) added WinBox BGP support to routing-test package;
*) api - added query support for 'print' command;
*) added support for bsd-syslog;
*) added TFTP server;
*) added authorization and TLS support to email tool;
*) added pppoe-scanner;
*) added tftp protocol support to fetch tool;
*) fixed ipsec policy priority to work as documented;
*) fixed BGP route selection in routing package;
*) allow to use IPsec aggressive mode with pre-shared keys;
*) fixed some problems in mesh protocol;
*) fixed https proxying with parent proxy;
*) fixed Prism shared IRQ issue;
*) fixed multiple MPLS/VPLS bugs in mpls-test;
*) fixed boot problems on some RB1000s;
*) added /interface mesh traceroute command;
*) fixed web proxy source address selection;
*) fixed pcq queue - pcq sometimes could get through more traffic
   than specified in max-limit;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.20:

*) added support for IPsec hardware acceleration on RB1000,
   increases IPsec SHA1-3DES encryption from 45Mbps to 500Mbps
   and SHA1-AES from 79Mbps to 500Mbps;
*) fixed IPv6 on RB1xx and RB5xx;
*) added support for ZTE MY 39, CDMA EVDO USB card;
*) added clear-df action to firewall;
*) fixed bug - sometimes netinstall could fail to install RouterBOARD
   with "ERROR: could not format partitions";
*) fixed PCQ bug - pcq-rate < 70000 did not work correctly (broken in 3.17);
*) added radius-mac-format setting in hotspot server profile;
*) allow to use ip firewall for encapsulated PPPoE packets;
*) graphing - fixed 10Gbit card bug;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.19:

*) fixed problem - web proxy used up all router memory
   if unlimited ram caching was enabled;
*) fixed problem - some log topics got swapped in configuration;
*) reduced maximum supported memory for RB1000 to 1.5Gb (was 1.75Gb);
*) interface mesh was not working in 3.18, fixed;
*) fixed Prism crash;
*) fixed VPLS interface related crash in mpls-test;
*) allow to enter range in BGP instance confederation peers;
*) console - fixed '/system backup save' command, name argument is
    optional, and backup file name is automatically generated if empty;
*) sped up IPv6 forwarding on RB4xx, RB1xx and RB5xx;
*) fixed BGP route selection in routing-test;
*) fixed dhcp server to update agent-circuit-id and agent-remote-id for lease
   whenever it changes;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.18:

*) IPv6 address auto-configuration: added recursive DNS server option;
*) fixed problem - sometimes firewall did not work after reboot on RB1xx;
*) do not send IPv6 packets over PPTP, L2TP or PPPoE - could confuse some
   servers or clients;
*) allow queues to have all traffic, not only ip (for example vpn);
*) added ability to specify dns name in bandwidth test in WinBox;
*) fixed problem - sometimes RB1xx (and RB4xx) could not start up or startup was very long;
*) improved ipv6 sniffing;
*) improve torch and sniffer behavior under high load;
*) improved queue statistics;
*) fix xen make-routeros-image command;
*) fix potential wireless crash under load when negotiating encryption;
*) fix several MPLS issues in mpls-test;
*) fixed support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
*) fixed some bugs in routing-test OSPF;
*) added support for D-Link DUB-E100 USB Ethernet adapter;
*) fixed user-manager database rebuild command to succeed in case of
   malformed database disk image;
*) sms - added descriptions for error codes;
*) sms - added automatic 'smsc' (service centre address) value detection,
     to work around first time error when sending SMS without specifying
     an 'smsc' value;
*) fixed - during uptime 4:20 .. 5:00 interface traffic (byte and packet
   count) was being reported 100 times larger than the actual value;
*) provide L2TP server address in Called-Station-Id when doing authentication over RADIUS;
*) added support for Sierra Wireless MC8790;
*) recalibrated noise floor adjustment for R5H;
*) updated drivers & kernel - fixed fast clock issue on x86;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterO 3.17:

*) added support for Intel 10Gb PCI Express driver;
*) made Huawei E220 USB modem work again;
*) added support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
*) fixed PCQ fairness when pcq-total-limit is reached;
*) fixed fetch tool to work when dst-path is not specified (broken in 3.16);
*) fetch tool - added keep-result command line argument;
*) allow to specify routing-table for ping, trace-route, and telnet;
*) fixed an IPsec bug;
*) fixed /ip firewall address-list;
*) added propagate-ttl option for MPLS;
*) fix very long wireless scan-list issues;
*) fixed problem - sometimes PCQ could stop data pass-through if pcq-rate was set;
*) fixed problem - L2TP could stop working when one of clients stopped responding
  at wrong time;
*) fixed problem - reduced size of supout.rif files;
*) graphing - support for 10 Gbit interfaces;
*) routing-test - added support for multi-instance OSPF;
*) user manager - fixed bug for PayPal payments with long parameter list;
*) user manager - database load command supports external storage
  for temporary files;
*) user manager - added support for all UTC time-zone offsets, 
  including +5:30, +5:45, etc.;

Known issues:

*) on some SMP x86 boxes clocks are not right, time runs very fast on them, as a result
  queues & wireless-test nstreme does not work;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.16:

*) added support for IGMP proxy;
*) improved Nstreme polling in wireless-test;
*) routing-test - routing filters now use regular expressions
   to match BGP AS_PATH; use '_' (underscore) to match any of:
   comma, space, beginning of line, end of line, parentheses, braces;
*) make secondary disk contents visible under /file;
*) console - allow use of '/' and '.' characters in backup, export
     and print output file names;
*) fixed bug - hotspot universal client did not work for clients
   with IP address ending with 127 or with 224-239;
*) fixed problem - x86 clock was 10 times faster then it should be on some boards;
*) fixed kernel panic on RB1000;
*) console - fixed wrapping of long lines in GNOME Terminal;
*) console - autodetect Mac OS X Leopard, fixes condition
    when only the bottom line of the terminal was used;
*) console - 'find' commands could not match some properties, like
    'routing-mark' of the '/ip route find' command. Fixed;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.15 :

*) added workaround for non-standards compliant CPE with timestamp issue;
*) added ability to manage multiple disks & stores under /store;
*) added support for storing user-manager database on secondary media via /store;
*) /store should be used to set up secondary disk as web proxy cache;
*) added support for Mesh in WinBox;
*) fixed client roaming in mesh protocol;
*) fixed bug in MME routing protocol:
   routes sometimes were lost from routing table;
*) fixed some bugs in routing-test;
*) fixed traffic forwarding when VRF (virtual routing and forwarding) is used;
*) fixed problem - USB did not work on Geode LX boards;
*) fixed problem - farsync cards did not negotiate links;
*) added support for Novatel EU870D;
*) added support for Intel 82575EB & 8257GB gigabit ethernet PCI-Express cards;
*) removed support for all synchronous cards but farsync;
*) graphing - all target (source) addresses displayed in queue statistics page;
*) bridge firewall broute table is removed - it did not work as expected anyway;
*) ingress-priority matcher added to bridge firewall
*) fixed use-dns property of console traceroute command, default now is
*) updated UK 5.8 FIXED regulatory domain info;
*) /system ssh now by default uses name of logged in user instead of "admin";
*) fixed support for some microSD cards on RB400;
*) include Relay-Session-ID in packets sent by PPPoE client if required;
*) added ability to specify src. address for radius client;
*) dns cache - improved static entry behavior;
*) fixed dial-on-demand on ppp interfaces;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.14 :

*) fixed '/xen console' command;
*) fixed problem - queue bursts did not work;
*) added support for OSPF NSSA in routing-test;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 3.14rc1:

*) updated drivers, some of the changes:
   synchronous cards should work in frame relay mode;
   SIP connection tracking is more standards conformant;
   valid TCP connection packets will not be marked as invalid;
*) mlppp - fixed problem when small packets could not be transmited
    while more than 2 links were active;
*) bgp - fixed attribute flags checking;
*) fixed dhcp client - routes were not added back after lease expires
   and then is acquired again;
*) fixed handling of multiple identical address-list entries
*) ospf could become unresponsive in some situations, fixed;
*) winbox - fixed problem: when moving multiple items at once,
   correct order was not maintained;
*) fixed automatic fan control on RB600;
*) added ipv6 firewall address-list;
*) fixed some bugs in mesh protocol driver;
*) fetch tool - added basic HTTP authentication;
*) 6to4 tunnel - allow to specify remote address;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 3.13:

*) hotspot - fixed dst-nat for SMTP (broken in 3.11);
*) dhcp client - added support for DHCP option 121 (classless route);
*) fixed simple queues - changing simple queues could lock up i386 routers
*) routing-test - added support for multiple recursive nexthops;
*) routing-test - fixed BGP AS number byteorder, broken in 3.12;

Co nowego w Mikrotik 3.12:

*) fixed problem - static queues on PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP interfaces became invalid
   on client reconnect;
*) changed behaviour of simple queues - queues with no limit and type default-small
    and no children actually do not get installed, as if there was no queue;
*) console - allow "{}" array syntax only for some command arguments, as it
     does not make sense in most cases and interferes with the existing
     scripts. Now "/system script add source={....}" works as it did
     before 3.11;
*) graphing - fixed crash when dynamic interfaces/queues disappear;
*) fixed IPv6 address auto-configuration on routerboards;
*) added support for OSPFv3;
*) improved PCQ queueing algorithm;
*) dhcp server - pass Agent-Remote-Id and Agent-Circuit-Id to Radius server;
*) user manager - option to use test gateway for Authorize.Net payments;
*) fixed bug - web server could lock up at startup
    (no access to hotspot login page after that);
*) routing-test - added support for 4-octet BGP AS numbers;
*) routing-test - added default-originate feature for BGP peers;
*) routing-test - added IPv6 BGP networks and aggregates;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.11:

*) fixed bug - in some cases web proxy https with parent-proxy did not work;
*) added default-route-distance setting for DHCP client;
*) mesh protocol - bridge interface in a mesh did not work well, fixed;
*) multicast - fixed bootstrap router (BSR) mechanism;
*) user manager - users can now be redirected to HotSpot login page after
    PayPal payment;
*) added ability to dst. nat only address or port, not both at the same time;
*) ospf - fixed default route;
*) ipsec - fixed tunnel mode with dynamically generated policy;
*) port remote-access - fixed allowed-addresses check;
*) ethernet half duplex modes on rb400 series work now;
*) console - fixed entering of IPv6 prefixes;
*) console - fixed crash on window size change;
*) console - bit operations (& ^ | << >>) now work with numbers, too;
*) console - brace syntax for array declarations ( { value ; value ; value } )
    now can be used also where () expressions can be used, previously
    worked only inside the expressions. Example:
      :foreach i in {1;2;3;4} do={:put $i}
*) console - inside expressions ',' operator can be used to concatenate arrays,
      unlike '.' which works with strings. Arguments that are not arrays are
      treated like arrays with single element. Example:
        {1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9} produces value {{1;2;3};{4;5;6};{7;8;9}}
        (1,{2},{{3;4}},5,{},{6,7},8) produces value {1;2;{3;4};5;{6;7},8}
*) console - 'move' commands no allow list of source items to be empty and
     to contain duplicate items. The porpose is to simplify scripts that use
     'find' commands to move items. Example:
        move ([find dynamic],[find inactive]) - moves all 'dynamic' and
      'inactive' items to the end of the list, does not raise error if
      any item is both 'dynamic' and 'inactive', or if there are no items;
*) console - 'move' command does not update item numbers anymore;
Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.10:

*) added Multilink PPP to PPPoE client - just specify multiple interfaces
   to enable it;
*) added ability to add dynamicly PPTP, L2TP & PPPoE client addresses
   to firewall address-list, specified in ppp profile,
   or via RADIUS in Mikrotik:19;
*) added address-list attribute support in user-manager;
*) added fan control for RB433;
*) console:
    fixed 'interface wireless print detail', now shows the same output as
     'interface wireless print basic';
    fixed print to file, now writes complete contents, fixed resource leak;
    show name of running scripts in '/system script job', update
      'last-started' value;
    could not use item names for '/interface ovpn-server' and
      '/interface ovpn-client', fixed;
    fixed problems with export:
        some settings were not included in full export, such as
      '/interface wireless nstreme');
    some settings had duplicate entries with an error, such as
      '/system ntp client' when ntp package was enabled;
    long parameter values were incorrectly split across multiple lines;
    export now quotes all values that are split across multiple lines, it
      also adds line split before all newline characters, which improves
      readability of exported script sources;
*) api - some properties were included multiple times in getall responses;
*) port - properly tag all inactive ports;
*) port - fixed memory leak that was triggered by addition/removal of
    USB serial ports;
*) changed post-boot critical log messages - write a separate log entry
   explainig the cause of an non-administrative reboot, such as watchdog
   ping timeout, even if system rebooted cleanly;
*) fixed user-manager 'database rebuild' command to correct database errors;
*) fixed bug - user-manager customer password was not decoded
   correctly when database backup was transferred
   between Intel/RB100/RB500 and RB300/RB400/RB600/RB1000;
*) fixed bug - "/blink" command did not work on RB300/RB600/RB1000;
*) allow to configure OSPF authentication key ID;
*) allow to include bridge interface in a mesh interface;
*) ipsec - added Dead Peer Detection;
*) fixed some random crashes on RB411 & RB433;
*) fixed bug - OpenVPN could corrupt data on high load and force other end to disconnect;
*) fixed bug - DHCP server did not return DHCP options in response to
   DHCPINFORM request;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.9:

*) bridge could make router busy even without traffic;
*) fixed route redistribution in RIP (bug introduced in 3.8);
*) fixed AR5212 kernel crash on setting change;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.8:
*) fix B mode rate reporting for Atheros 5211 cards;
*) IPv4-compatible addresses as IPv6 route gateways now require
   manually specified interface;
*) fixed removing external routes from OSPF;
*) added initial version of layer-2 mesh routing protocol;
*) fixed problem - OVPN server sometimes crashed;
*) fixed problem - torch could fail to aggregate connection data;
*) fixed problem - RB500 on high ethernet load rebooted sometimes;
*) fixed problem - if PPP (ISDN) client requested it's own address, then server
   did not report it in logs correctly;
*) fixed problem - if PPP (ISDN) client has it's own address, it was
   not used allways as on-demand ip address;
*) fixed problem - PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP stops receiving packets, if
   MRRU is set and multiple packets get lost;
*) added support for Intel Gigabit PCI-Express cards;
*) fixed problem - RB433 did not work with v3.7;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.7:

*) improved simple queue list updating;
*) fixed p2p edonkey protocol matcher on rb600;
*) fixed booting on CR;
*) fixed problem - CF did not work on routerboards;
*) fixed ping to 2001::1 like IPv6 addresses in console;
*) made ISDN work again;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.6:

*) fixed booting for x86;
*) initial support for MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnels;
*) added support for ZTE AC8700 USB modem;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.5:

*) updated drivers;
*) user manager - fixed bug when PayPal payments were discarded
   because of uppercase characters in business-id field;
*) fixed bug - could not ping ip address with 12 digits (like
   in console;
*) console - changed behaviour of '.' operator when one or both of operands
    is an array, now it produces an array with all pairwise concatenated
    elements of left and right arrays. An example:
    if $A contains array 1,2,3,4, then
    :foreach i in="10.$A.$A.0/24" do={:put $i} will print 16 network prefixes.
    Currently behaviour of '.' operator  with an empty array value is
*) console - fixed bug introduced in 3.4. Concatenation of strings
    yielded array, so ("A" . "A") was A;A, now ("A" . "A") results in "AA",
    as before;
*) fixed web-proxy check drive command on routerboards;
*) console - fixed column widths;
*) console - fixed memory leak in 'find' command, introduced in last version;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.4:

*) improve transmit lockup detection to work around issues with few wireless
*) fixed bug - RB100/RB500 upgrade from RouterOS v2.9 could fail if
    version 2.9 was installed by netinstall from v3;
*) console - compatibility syntax for 'find' and 'print where' expressions.
    If = or != operation has as the left operand name of item property, without
    leading '$', then right hand operand is parsed according to the syntax
    of that propery. This also adds back command line completions. Example:
      /ip address print where interface=ether1
    ether1 was parsed as a reference to variable "ether1", now it is parsed as
    name of the interface, like in version 2.9;
*) backup - proceed on read errors, log errors with topics "backup, critical";
*) console - allow commands like 'monitor' and '/tool fetch' in scheduler
*) web proxy - when src-address is specified, use it for outgoing connections;
*) fixed crash in pppoe, pptp & l2tp when using ip pools with radius server;
*) added support for Option Fusion UMTS Quad-GPRS (Vodafone Globetrotter);
*) fixed VLAN on wireless not running after reboot issue;

Co nowego w Mikrotik RouterOS 3.3:

*) fixed bug - PPPoE server could crash when running on multiple cores;
*) fixed bug - bridging over PPP interfaces with encryption enabled did not work;
*) fixed dhcp server - arp entries were not added after reboot;
*) fixed problem in pppoe, pptp & l2tp - server could restart;
*) fixed bug in console - bridge and ip filter "print static" and "print
    dynamic" commands had the opposite effect;
*) fixed bug - DHCP server did not parse Relay-Agent-Info option 82;
*) fixed bug - hotspot login could fail with "ippool acquire failed";
*) graphing - ip address formatting bugfix;
*) ospf - added support for Opaque LSA;
*) ospf - fixed routes changing type from Intra Area to AS External;
*) ospf - fixed multicast group membership in case there are
   multiple IP networks configured on a single interface;
*) routing - now iBGP routes are resolved through IGP and static by default;
*) user manager - fixed ampersand bug;
*) updated regulatory information for Australia;
*) updated drivers;

 The Dude Version 3

Dude v3.4:

  * fixed find 
  * improved unicode support 
  * minimal probe interval now 1 second

Dude v3.3:

    * improved dude admin and device password security
    * fixed devices loosing dns names
    * fixed snmp
    * other fixes

Dude v3.2:

    * some status information in dude client could not be up to date in some cases
    * fixed chart drawing - graphs sometimes could be drawn out of bounds
    * fixed outages table - sometimes was selecting 'virtual memory' probe
    * fixed running external tools - sometimes could crash dude client
    * fixed compatibility with new routeros packages
    * fixed dude web server on routeros could not work
    * improved bandwidth conservation
    * other fixes

Dude v3.1:

    * routeros dude supports multiple stores
    * fixed occasional server crash
    * fixed client crash in open/save file or color chooser dialog
    * fixed client crash when closing some windows
    * other fixes

Dude v3.0:

    * fixed - client could sometimes crash when scrolling a table
    * fixed - search for unexisting items made dude unresponsive 
    * fixed - charts sometimes could show incorrect data 
    * other fixes

Dude v3.0rc3:

    * fix bug in web server introduced in previous release
    * other bug fixes

Dude v3.0rc2:

    * routeros dude package is now independent from routeros version
    * fixed bug - opening notification -> advanced tab was crashing
    * fixed bug - dude could not handle large network map backgrounds
    * other bug fixes

Dude v3.0rc1:

    * bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta8:

    * F11 puts any panel in fullscreen mode
    * reworked font stuff, only uses fonts added to dude server for exact output on different clients
     (fonts have to be added to files just like images)
    * routeros server can export maps/charts
    * routeros web server can display maps/charts
    * added many traslations, simple language choosing from 'Preferences'
    * dropped support for windows metafile, not possible to render in routeros environment
    * improved svg, png image support
    * map, chart output to many new formats - bmp, jpeg, ps, svg
    * drag&drop files to/from dude server and routeros devices
    * drop files straight on routeros device in network map to upload
    * server files can be organized in directories
    * fixed bug - dude could freeze when opening device window
    * fixed bug - dude server could stop polling
    * improved mac mappings - refresh of mac mappings is distributed evenly across refresh interval
      to avoid traffic congestion
    * many other bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta7:

    * improved pdf export
    * double click in contents pane replaces all existing panes by default (configurable in Settings->Misc)
    * improved dude server for routeros
    * support for dude server on RB333
    * server files support drag&drop
    * handle client and server time differences correctly
    * other bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta6:

    * 'show on map' feature available in context menu
    * 'lock' feature to prevent moving items on map
    * snmp profiles have try count and try timeout properties
    * fixed copy/paste for network maps, logs, panels, charts, address lists
    * fixed bug wasting a lot of network bandwidth
    * other bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta5:

    * added week scale to charts
    * fixed ping/traceroute from agents
    * improved compatibility with some snmp agents
    * time and date variables in notifications added
    * improved filters
    * some memory leaks fixed
    * big images as network map background could not work
    * many other fixes

Dude v3.0beta4:

    * mib modules shows missing imports if any
    * routeros simple queues management
    * horizontal scroll bar in lists and tables
    * other ui improvements
    * macaddresses are resolved to manufacturer names
    * new snmp table - dhcp leases
    * new ros tables - arp, route, dhcp leases
    * mac to ip address mapping table
    * devices can be binded to mac address
    * polling of services can be disabled per service, device, map, globally
    * dude server can work as service again
    * added syslog server
    * added mib modules for cisco wireless, canopy, alvarion, avantcom, colubris, smartbridges,
      ieee 802.11, redline, ceragon, wimax, orinoco, proxim, atmel, trango, tranzeo
    * network map label refresh interval is now configurable
    * bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta3:

    * copy and paste feature added to network maps and all lists and tables, also paste in text editor
      and you get xml configuration for later use
    * discovery sometimes could stall
    * fixed traceroute tool
    * resolves dns names in traceroute and ping tools
    * other bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta2:

    * added speech notification
    * bug fixes

Dude v3.0beta1:

    * added TimeLastDown, TimeLastUp variables for services
    * any list/table export to pdf
    * automatic update works in wine environment
    * added builtin funcion string_compare, string_find, string_substring
    * reduced server <-> client network traffic
    * dude agents - add other dude servers as dude agents to reach networks behind firewalls,
      offload polling work from server to agents
    * support for snmp v3

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